A Model For Authentic Decisions & Communication

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How do you make decisions? How do you advise others on your team to make decisions? One of my clients recently expanded her marketing department and is concerned about maintaining the brand image and culture of her company while simultaneously liberating her marketing team to engage in authentic, transparent online communications. First we reviewed her […]

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Promotion died: Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling


Promotion Died. Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling Web 2.0, Asia, automation, a global financial crisis & consumer skeptism have fueledthe death of old school advertising and promotion.With three screens; television, computer and mobile today‚Äôs consumers areempowered publishers, editors, contributors and collaborators. Individuals are advertising. Web 2.0 enables individuals to connect, share, create, design and […]

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Advertising Is Dead: Meet Reviewral

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    Advertising is dead.  It's been resurrected as Review and Referral: REVIEWRAL In a culture that has seen a global financial crisis as severe as any since the Depression, international terrorism, Enron, Derivatives, Madoff and a host of natural tragedies it's no surprise skepticism and distrust have taken root culturally; globally.   That makes the recent Nielsen Survey findings, the largest of […]

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