The Fatal Flaw in Business & Life

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I’m continually suprised at how often in the labyrinth of life and venturing I find myself back at a familiar place. So it is with the fatal flaw of business, the fatal flaw of life. My clients and I seem to be repeating this too often, are you? What is the fatal flaw of business? […]

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Addicted to More? When is ‘less’ More?

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They had been in business for years. Over the years life sped up. They were insanely busy. Meetings, flights, project due dates. The work was exhilarating, it put them in the zone. They loved it and now they were starting to hate it. It had taken over their lives. It was their life. “We’ve got […]

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Have you upgraded from ROI to LROI?


I love the Mashable blog. The other day I was reading an interesting post about social media and ROI and I couldn’t help but smile. ROI seems so web 1.0 to me. As I read the article, I found myself inserting ‘LROI’ everytime the author mentioned ROI, that’s when I knew it was time to […]

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