The Fatal Flaw in Business & Life

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Dallas Observer Cover 07-01-10I’m continually suprised at how often in the labyrinth of life and venturing I find myself back at a familiar place. So it is with the fatal flaw of business, the fatal flaw of life. My clients and I seem to be repeating this too often, are you?

What is the fatal flaw of business? Life; anyways?

Well, the Yoda in me say’s it’s the practice of going it alone. Believing we need to do it all. Choosing independence over interdependence. Choosing solution, answers and knowing instead of inquiry, questions and listening. The tendency to be closed instead of open and flexible.

My natural tendency is to try to do too much with too little. To under ask and over do. To assume I know what I don’t, to under team, under collaborate, under cooperate and under ask-for the help, resources and support I need to be who I want to be. And I find this to be true for many of my creative, entrepreneurial clients and friends.

Perhaps we go it alone because we falsely believe unless we are saving the world or have huge budgets or want to grow a team we don’t really deserve, want or can afford ‘team.’ When I say “teams make dreams come true; 3 to be free – 5 to thrive.” ( Picked this up at IBI) What I’m really doing is asking you, “whose on your dream team?”

Who have you surrounded yourself with, whose committed to bringing the expertise, support and resources to your life and venture? Not whose working for you and who are you paying. Think people who can help: Advisors, advocates, community, collaboration, think tanks, trouble shooters. Paid or not- we all need resources.

Who begins to build a house and does not account for the resources to complete it? The foolish woman of course. I’ve been that woman. My clients have been that person. Let’s not race ahead without first assessing how we might finish the race we’ve chosen in the manner we’d like to complete it.

Team; together, each, achieves, more.

Interdependence makes all things possible.

So my question today is, “What direction are you headed in your personal life? And do you have the resources and people around you to help you navigate the journey? Whose on your team? Who has the resources, knowledge and expertise that can help?”

List out the knowledge, expertise, support you need and then list every person you can think of to talk to about your goals and dreams. Start the conversation. See where it goes. Engage in team development. It often informs the direction and the manner in which you proceed. You don’t need annual commitments. You need input. You don’t need hand holding. You need accountability. You aren’t looking for handouts- you want to contribute to also. What can you offer your advisors for their help? Perhaps they will be willing to meet with you once a month as a voluntary advisor/mentor/accountability partner? Forget the idea you need everyone together in a room. You need to grow- do it in the manner that is most organic, natural and authentic for you and the individuals who can help you!

What do you want to accomplish in your business or venture? What are the skills and knowledge, resources and expertise you need to acquire to achieve your vision and outcomes? Get that list and then put together a list of all the names of everyone you know who either has the skill, resource or knowledge or has access to those types of people and resources. All the connections in the world, all the mindless running around networking is of no use at all if we don’t both support others specifically in the areas of our passion and gifts and if we don’t ask and engage those who can help us. Paid or unpaid. Advisors or Mentors. It’s time to surround ourselves with the people we need to become our truest self and to navigate the direction we are heading.

If not now- when?

Fatally flawed. The belief that I don’t need support navigating the labyrinth of life and business.

So ever found yourself repeating the fatal flaw of life and business- going it alone? Tell us what you’ve learned!

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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