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Gone are the days of static websites. Enter website storytelling. Remember when you launched a 5 page static website at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year the same 5 pages with the exact same content were still out in internet land doing their thing?Remember when people actually typed in web addresses and visited websites to find what they were looking for instead of typing keywords into the browser?

The question is- are you keeping up with what’s happening on the internet?

Are you on the first page of Google for the solutions that drive your businesses success?

Can your clients and people everywhere find you when they are online searching the words and topics that you spend your time providing solutions for?

Is your content easily shareable?

Do you have videos and photo’s your raving fans can easily share across the web or pin over at pinterest?

Have you reached out to bloggers interested in your solutions?

What about referrals and testimonials and incoming links from credible sources?

Is your site mobile responsive? User friendly?

Can viewers easily execute the tasks they desire to?

Is every page of content you created designed in mind with what your audience wants and the tasks they want to take, the value they rely on you for?

What are the key behaviors that drive your businesses success- can viewers engage in these behaviors on each page of content you create online?

Web storytelling. It isn’t just about what you say it’s about how you say it and why you say it and how easy it is to engage with you and do what we want to do when we finally find you.

Developers are great at what they do. They don’t do what I do.

I’ve spent 20+ years growing businesses and so I come to the marketing world and online storytelling world through the lens of how the heck are we going to grow and what do clients really want from us. SURE. I’ve taught digital marketing at the college level. Certainly I have my own websites. Check out hope24seven in addition to this site. Of course I don’t know it all. But I’m second to NONE when it comes to understanding what makes your business grow and what your clients want and need to hear from you and then producing it in a way that differentiates you from your competitors and drives success.

Here’s an example of a client whom I created all the marketing strategies and online execution production for. I had a rockstar team of graphic artist, developers, photographers and videographers working for me on this project…I like telling stories…And it shows.
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It’s not enough to have a great looking website. You need a great story and then to execute it online in numerous ways; photography, blog content, forums, e-commerce, video and more…Want to tell your story better? Call me. I’d love to chat about how my team can help you grow ..

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