What Makes For Great Web Storytelling?

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Web Story.

One of my favorite things to do is to help startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their story- on their websites and across the web- better.

Ezra International is an example of a client that we did just that for. Ezra had a static website. They had not yet moved to a blog. All of their storytelling was told from the organizations point of view and most of it was content laden and visually lacking.

I recommended Ezra let their clients and partners tell their story. I also recommended an entirely new feel and branding for the organization. They had a great story. It just needed to be told visually in photo’s and short posts with video and visual symbols and icons.

I brought a rockstar team of graphic artist, videographers, animators and website developers in after the storyboards, branding and basic goals and content were confirmed.

The creative team went to work to design unique solutions for reducing words and maximizing digital assets. WE had an extremely tight budget and wanted to revise and recreate everything… and we did. And the best part is we delivered the project on budget and based on the additional projects added along the way- on time.

Sure you can have anyone get your site up and running but will it tell your story, powerfully, emotionally and will it drive the behaviors you need to succeed? Call me I’d love to talk story with you…

Stories. I love them. And it shows…

Ezra International


It’s important to make storytelling visual and drive the behaviors that are key to the organization’s success.

interactive map

This map is interactive and as the reader scrolls over the operational area a story pops up. We designed the map to house blog or video posts and to be easily manageable by the client once the website was launched.

what we do animation for Ezra International

Some people believe you have to spend 50K to get an animation piece. My team created this on a nearly nothing budget. We wanted a visual way to show all the things that the organization does without using video. This is an easily shared digital asset that is just one more unique way for Ezra’s story to be shared.


Getting involved is key to this organizations goals so we wanted icons and symbols and an easy landing page to provide all the options and ways in which viewers could choose to get involved.



We wanted to preview the newest stories highlighting those served on the home page so we created a peek a boo preview section for stories from the field as well as created an entire page for it and created storytelling processes inside of Ezra to develop and post stories weekly and share across the web.


Videos were created that highlighted those helped and the partner organizations to move the story telling from 100% told by the organization to begin moving to a brand voice where eventually the story will be told entirely by those served…



Pam Hoelzle


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