“There is No Try.” Yoda

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Yoda statue

There is No ‘Try.

“Did you say try?” I asked.

He smiled. “Right. There is no try.”


“Yoda.” He laughed.

“Words are culture. If you want to achieve this goal you need to be decisive, deliberate, intentional and conscious. Cut off other possibilities, it’s time to decide. ‘Trying’ is not committing. I’m cool either way. It’s your life, but if we’re going to do this; we aren’t going to ‘try’ we’re going to do it!”

Later as I walked out of the coaching session it dawned on me. I was also hiding behind ‘try’.

Perhaps it’s why I am a personal and business coach. They say, ‘we teach what we want to learn.’ So as the door I had pushed open swung back towards me I realized ‘try’ had crept into my own vernacular, my own dreams.

Words create culture. Thought is the beginning of creation. Personal transformation, change and growth are founded in belief and thought. Words manifest in actions, deeds and behaviors. I am the ‘word’ vigilante with my clients. I question their words. Change demands they lose the faulty beliefs, past assumptions, false truths and old ways of thinking, being, talking and doing. It means they get very deliberate and intentional, conscious as to their thoughts and actions. We can’t be running on socialization or auto pilot and hope to build or create something. It just doesn’t happen that way.

But what about me? What about my words? How dare I mutter I was, “Trying to finish my manuscript, get an agent, a publishing team, a business partner for my writing and speaking.”

Try was outed, in my client’s life and in mine. Yoda is right, there is no try.

I was using ‘try’ to hedge my bet. Which is human code for, if I don’t succeed please don’t hold me responsible or label me a big failure, because I was just ‘trying,’ just eeny, teeny ‘trying’ not really doing it, so of course I can’t be held responsible for my life and it’s sorry ass results.

And furthermore every time I ‘try’ to justify my schedule, “I”m trying to write but it’s hard because I have to take care of my son, my clients, schedule business development, hang out with friends, work out, shave my legs, pick my teeth….” We all know what I’m doing.

‘Try’ is a mental obstacle to do and be. ‘Try’ is a mask we put over the unknown. ‘Try’ is a way of saying I don’t know if I’m good enough to do this, realize this dream or vision.

Try is my way of not failing…That’s what I think. And in ‘trying’ not to fail I am failing to commit, decide and execute.

There is no ‘try.’ Learn from me. And commit. Cut off all other possibilities. Decide. Either do it or don’t, but please don’t ‘try’ because even Yoda knows,

“There is no try….”

Yoda on!

Pam Hoelzle

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  1. Mike Jensen

    Yoda is awesome! I need one of those Yoda dolls that you push a button and it speaks one his “yoda-isms”

    Try has worked it’s way into our vocabulary and we use it all too often to think we can get “points” for putting forth the effort. Try implies you didn’t do everything you could…that you left something on the table. That fact is, you need a plan and you need to execute to “Make It Happen.”


    • Pam Hoelzle

      I agree Mike. It’s a total C.Y.A. word isn’t it? Also it sends the wrong message to our mind and body. It’s like oh, this isn’t serious. Words do matter and words acted on matter more. Execution that aligns – with who we are and what we really want- now that matters! Thanks for being in the convo!