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The other day a past client, fellow hiker, skier and lover of the outdoors , Jules Frazier called and asked if I’d be willing to be the “mature woman ” hiker in a sales video she was creating for a local outdoor company.

Jules is a visual genius with a camera, video and is a part of the Studio3 photography/videography team in Seattle.

I thought about it. Hike? Get Free shoes and new outdoor clothes? (Who knew people hiked in tennis skirts! ) She then offered the topper, to cut a 30 second version of the video and to get me at least one outdoor photo I could use in the marketing of my ‘Unleashing people to make a life, not merely a living’ theme.

Cooperation. Collaboration. No, I probably wouldn’t have shown this side of me- the side that is most me, outdoor athlete and clarity sojourner. But then again- this is the gut feeling of my brand and is exactly who I am. It also is exactly what happens when people work with me; they get clear. They progress. They navigate uncertain terrain and are exhilarated. It was a natural cooperative win, win; partnership.

At the end of the gig Jules and Studio3 created a cool sales video to use to present their video capabilities and I had another video that expresses my passion; living unleashed and getting clear!

Who might you partner up with today. Where is a win-win collaboration, cooperation or opportunity that could enhance your life- venture?

Unleash gigs, co-ventures, collaborations and cooperations. Give- my friend. Give like you’re dying! Because of course you are.

Live – Give; Partner; Now!

Thanks Jules for being in my life- you’re a great biz partner!

Pam Hoelzle

Seattle Business Coach

425 218 5864

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