Unleash Partnerships

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The other day a past client, fellow hiker, skier and lover of the outdoors , Jules Frazier called and asked if I’d be willing to be the “mature woman ” hiker in a sales video she was creating for a local outdoor company. Jules is a visual genius with a camera, video and is a […]

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The Fatal Flaw in Business & Life

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I’m continually suprised at how often in the labyrinth of life and venturing I find myself back at a familiar place. So it is with the fatal flaw of business, the fatal flaw of life. My clients and I seem to be repeating this too often, are you? What is the fatal flaw of business? […]

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Want to Build Community & Team: Lose The EGO.

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Meet Community & Team Killer #1: The Ego One of my girlfriends (age 45+) told me a story about a friend of her’s who recently celebrated her third marriage. (Do you even celebrate the third one?) My girlfriend was horrified when her fairly normal friend transformed into bridzilla.( 20 year old bridzalla’s are cute; 45 […]

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Business Success: Timing and People

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On the last evening of the Reinvention Forum I invited John Song, serial entrepreneur, founder of 7 ventures and current founder ofLift9to share his story. John is an exceptionally humble man who I met a few months ago at a Bellevue tweetup. Since then I've been following him on Twitter and reading his blog.  During our first conversation and again […]

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