Video Storytelling

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Video Storytelling

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s never been more true than now.

You may have a great story but are you rocking video storytelling? Is your story easy for others to digest? Is it easy to share across the web? Is your story in multi-media; video, photo’s and small easily shareable digital asset forms?

Here are two stories I produced along with my team. And to make sure you understand I don’t focus on any one type of story or startup or entrepreneur or social change agent. I’ve chosen examples that are as about as different as one could hope for.

The first client was a startup in the consumer goods beauty market; a hair extension company. Effortless Extensions. The other organization is a social venture, a non-profit organization. Ezra International works throughout the regions of the former Soviet Union and South and Central America helping Jewish people emigrate to Israel.

Of course both organizations had limited budgets…but that didn’t stop me from believing we could do some incredible video storytelling for them. Don’t assume it will cost more than you have. Some of us are pretty creative when it comes to making stories come to life…on a budget.

Is your story in video? If not- maybe it’s time to make it happen. Video story telling matters – now more than ever. Make it easy for your fans and clients to share your story….online. And make it easy for people to understand how you differ from your competition.

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