Want a Free Re-Think book by Ric Merrifield? Act Now!

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 I have 4 Ric Merrifield books( http://ricmerrifield.com) to giveaway. 

 Want one?  Re-Think!

I learned about Ric and his book… Re-Think last night.

Ric works at Microsoft and is an alum
of Lake Side High School. I perused his book for the first time
last night and was impressed. Alot of the new paradigms
that I believe are essential for success in the conceptual age
are included in his work.

Ric is all about asking questions and if you work with
me you know I agree; it's the questions..that really
matter especially now in these ferocious times. Ric
believes the trap that imprisons most every business
is the fundamental mistake of focusing on
 'how' we
are doing things
instead of the essential questions
'what'  are we doing
and 'why.'

So I thought it would be fun to ask you
what are you doing today, this week- this month
and why? Does it put you at the intersection
where your doing what you and your company are
best at? Is it your competitive advantage? High Value and
innovative? Is it where the economic drivers offer you
a sustainable financial return and MORE importantly
with your one incredible life is this the place
you most come alive? Are you excited, enthused doing what
you are doing …..Perhaps you need to Re-Think
what you are doing….depending on your answers.

So as you know I love helping people build rock-star
ventures that add value to their lives and others- I love
seeing ideas manifest into good, change, transformation
and growth so – let's practice a little social change???


Want A Free RE-Think Book by Ric Merrifield…
So don't focus on how …focus on what you need
to do to get the book and yes I'm going to make
you tell me why….

I want to engage you in helping Ric's story spread
like a virus in the social media world and at the
same time experience what you might do to spread
your own story …

 Be one of the first 4 people
to do the following 'what's'

and make sure
and don't miss the 'why's'

Free Re-Think  Book What to do's

1. comment below on this blog and tell me 'why' you
want the book. Leave your email so I can notify
you if you win!

2. Go to pamhoelzle on twitter- click my link
at the bottom of the blog and yes you
need a free account if you don't have one to send
me a tweet.
What to do once your on twitter?
write a tweet that says

#REThink I want the Free Ric Merrifield Book

anything with a hashtag in front of it
is easily followed and when you put
@in front of someone's twitter name
they can scroll through these tweets
separately from all their followers.
I'll be watching and the first 4 people
to do both 'what's and answer the
why' win Ric Merrifield's re-think Free!

Now let's get going I want to see how fast we can
do the 'whats' to get you a free book…
why…because you deserve it of course!

Pam Hoelzle



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