What are you paying attention to?

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Our Attention shapes life and business.
The form, intent, content of our lives and ventures are dependent on
 what we attend to – how we use our attention.
I was back reviewing a book I love, FLow; the psychology of optimal experience last night
and this morning I'm musing over the power of attention.
What determines what information you find relevant? 
Different lives, different adventures emerge based on differing investments of attention.
The art of creating a life, a venture, realizing a goal or intent is quite simply the act of investing this energy called attention.
So as the year winds down I find myself drawn to  a real, transparent analysis of my flow, my year (2009)  full of  experiences and the first question I'm asking myself is, What are you paying attention to and why?
I don't know about you, but for me it's been both a year of optimal experiences; involving joy, flow and impact,meaning,purpose and returns and a year of disorder ;psychic- energy drain and lots of distraction away from flow, optimal, intents, goals and happiness.
Sustaining a life in flow, that is full of happiness and value for me means listening to the information that is coming my way and silently repeating Csikszentmihaly words, "Attention shapes the self and is in turn shaped by it" 
So since  our experience depends on what we invest in, 'm paying close attention to the external conditions important to my passion, goals and intents and as well as managing  my experience of the external conditions that rob me of the vital attention and flow I need to show up me; authentically and fully engaged and alive.
So what are you paying attention to?
 How is your psychic energy- are you in flow?
Do you feel you are living in  a place of optimum life experience for you- what about your venture? Your team? Your tribe?
Tomorrow I will share the 8 components of flow; optimal experience as outlined by Csikszentmihalyi .
 Attention -tell me what is your's on? And what do you think?????

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