It’s not about you; leader.

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Leaders sometimes forget it’s not about them. Followers, team members sometimes forget how important they are… Making something happen, starting a movement, rallying others around a big idea, mission, vision is impossible without participation and engagement. Lone nuts dancing alone are just that; nuts. Don’t get me wrong we need leaders. But sometimes leaders need […]

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The Sweet Spot of Business & Life

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The Sweet Spot of Business and Life Jim Collins coined the Hedgehog Concept when he described the difference between Good and Great companies. The intersection of a companies competitive advantage, passion and economic opportunities. Later Collins applied the hedgehog principle to individuals. Collins noted that great companies were more hedgehog; focused on doing one thing […]

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Membership is not Community

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Community in Business and Organizations: Part 1 of a 4 I’ve been enjoying the Community Roundtable report State of Community Management; best practices by practitioners. You don’t want to miss this report if you’re interested in community management and how social/digital, online communities are transforming business and organizational life. As I’ve reviewed the study I’ve […]

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Truth; the ultimate business, organization growth serum

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Want to grow your venture, business, community, brand, dream? What if the ultimate business catalyst, engagement specialist, community builder is nothing more than that age ole ingredient called truth? Truth. Or as Dan Pallotta refers to it, your ‘fundamental truth’. Authenticity. Real. Essence. Soul. Purpose. REALITY. I’ve had several experiences lately that further cement my […]

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Blind spots they kill people, dreams and relationships… My blog post was unintentionally discarded by the internet the other day. I have to admit as a writer I want to stand on the table and scream when this happens. Okay sometimes I want to do something much worse than that…but deep down I don’t really […]

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Silence as a tool for clarity, focus & success

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Some say the average consumer will be exposed to over 1 million messages this year, (3,000 a day), some say it’s alot less. Still others like Clay Shirky say it’s not information overload that stresses us out, it’s our ‘filter failure.‘ Oh well, you will just get better at multi-tasking! But of course you know […]

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If your hands are too full- you can’t take hold of something new…

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If your schedule is too full, your commitments overflowing; it’s hard to experience something new. If you are holding on to past successes instead of creating new one’s it may be that life and business is too full of the wrong stuff. Decide what’s keeping you from that which is awaiting you. A part of […]

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How good are you at wearing someone else’s shoes?

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Change is not always easy. Want to engage your team and clients at a deeper level? Want better relationships? A higher quality of life experience? Next time you are with someone new, ask some questions, jump into their shoes. See, feel and hear life from their perspective and see how it makes all the difference!

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Leadership Picture to Inspire Leadership Conversations

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Bridging The Leadership Gap; A social conversation. Click the photo to see the entire visual! Here is the incredible leadership visual Patti Dobrowloski captured at our first ever Bridging The Leadership, social leadership conversation. I hope you take some time and comment on the photo. And if you want to view the archived conversation. Here […]

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