Show Me The PROBLEM!

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Do you love problems? Do you love to turn problems into enterprises or new businesses? If so you are a most likely a problemeur. ( yes another new word for you!)

 You love problems and you know that Jerry McQuire was wrong; it isn't show me the money ( well not first anyways) it's show me the problem, so that I can add value which will create THE MONEY! (or social contribution)

I want to challenge you today to go out and find  some problems; that motivate you!


Yes problems.

 I know you may think you don't want any problems but truth is YOU WANT LOTS OF PROBLEMS. Because in the world of enterprise, social change and business; value is determined by one's ability to solve problems. This is as true for the capitalist as it is for the social change agent; for profit ventures, L3C's, non-profits, hybrid corporations, are all initiated/created to solve or capitalize on current market/societal problems.

Entrepreneurs are people who initiate and manage  enterprises that involve risk for profit. Problemeurs are individuals who turns problems into enterprises (social or for profit) and businesses. They find a problem ( okay all you positive thinkers; an opportunity), leverage resources and create, manifest or orchestrate a solution.

Solutions are valuable, they add value to others lives. That's why I've dedicated my life to Solutionarism.

So feeling unmotivated in life or work? Feel like your business needs to be re-invented or you need to get with it and make the second half of your life meaningful? Sales down, know it's time for a change?

Find a great big humungous problem that motivates you, that makes you excited to get up in the morning, that taps into your interests, passions, values, beliefs and talents.

Then leverage some resources; expertise, knowledge, time, capital, materials and become a problemeur.

As Helen Keller said, "Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Show me the problem! So what problem has caught your attention- tell me about it!

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