The gift of giving; understanding value.

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The other night as I was teaching Business Modeling and Planning to the MBA students at Northwest University. It hit me that value, is an often used term that is not always understood.

Entrepreneurship and enterprise is nothing more than the art of identifying problems and opportunities in hopes of developing, capturing and delivering valuable solutions (creations) for others.

The value proposition.

Value; it’s the gift you’re offering that is specific, unique and differentiated ; place, time, performance, speed, usability, fee, partners, delivery etc.

It’s the preciousness of your gift that makes me want to trade what I hold near and dear, to get what you have. (K.I.S.S. Economics)

When we design successful businesses we design them to capture, deliver and develop gifts that others want and need and are willing to exchange ‘their’ gifts to obtain.

When we’re making a life, one that is valuable to us we’re also involved in value creation. Life is the creation of a unique, differentiated and precious masterpiece- yours. Living is really giving. It’s the practice of showing up as a treasure, and offering up what you most treasure and value to others as your gift, your art. The gift of giving is life.

Investing in those endeavors that are precious and uniquely important to us, pouring out our talents and resources in the manner only we can do for those we love and are inspired to serve is the gift of life.

You see all of life. All of business hinges on the gift of giving.

So give. Create. Make art in life and business . Give that which is most precious, unique, special and that which only you can give; here, now presently to a world desperately hungry for your solutions, your art.

Irrepressibly valuable. You. Snd so to, the gifts you have to give.

Pam Hoelzle

Seattle Business Coach

425 218 5864

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