Genuine Article

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By T U R K A I R O @ flickr Genuine Article You’ve felt it. Velvet softness. You’ve heard it. A rhythm that moves your soul. You’ve tasted it. Mind blowing bliss. You’ve seen it. Indescribable beauty. You’ve experienced it; A courageous human. A bold business. A passionate organization. A life changing friend. A moment […]

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Thankful Reset

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Thankful Reset Photo by By woodleywonderworks “Come on we are going to be late if we don’t leave right now!” I yelled as I opened the door to greet the 29 degree morning chill. Looking around the corner I watched as my teenage son cocked his chin left, then right; checking himself in the mirror. ‘Brrr,” he […]

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Hope I’m coming home to a place I use to live; hope. A home I left long ago. A refuge. A place of knowing. Where belief blooms. An intuitive knowing. The way of the spirit. Being’s residence. All my intellectual architecting and busyness have yet to make me feel at home. We are not alone. […]

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Merry Christmas

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A babe in a cave. Hope for the world. Love. Peace. Joy. The gift of the Christ child. Merry Christmas from my family to your’s. This Christmas I chose to forgo the lights and the ornaments and instead put together scrap, photo books for each of my kids; Rosie and Zach. It was an emotional […]

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Small Business Online Marketing Extraordinaire: Northwest University Student Online Marketing Examples

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Small Business Online Marketing Extraordinaire: Northwest University Students Here’s a few examples of Northwest University student’s online marketing platforms and the story of how this course came to be. By the end of our 15 weeks together every student had created their own online venture, developed a socially integrated platform with outposts in several social networking […]

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Imperfectly Worthy

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Imperfectly Worthy. Absolutely Ordinary The other day huddled in a coffee shop with a friend the conversation veered left. “So what are you really learning I pressed.” He stared into my coffee cup. “Look it’s steaming.” Which was extraordinary, given the fact we’d been sitting there for over 5 minutes. “I’m learning that a lot […]

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Joy Is

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photo by Dmitry Kichenko Joy IS In the spring of 99, after her 51 st birthday my mom lost her battle with breast cancer. Six month’s later her namesake; Rosalie Chaney, my daughter was born. When I sent out Rosie’s birth announcement I wrote, ” Our sorrow remains and yet …our joy is inextinguishable.” It’s […]

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What I’m learning; Education Change

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photo byBy Martin Burns “It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.” The Declaration of Arbroath 1320 What I’m Learning: Education Change Some of them walked in to my class last June […]

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Losing MY Potential

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photo red twolips Losing MY Potential Stepping Onto the Scale I exhale. The red letters blink, ” Under Potential.” Shifting to the right I work to disrupt the scale. “LESS THAN EXPECTED,” it responds. If ONLY. If only I’d done more, accomplished more, been more… As the bar to the high jumper, my POTENTIAL taunts. […]

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Heart Enlargement; Living From The Heart

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Living from the heart Photo’s by By juliejigsaw The moisture helps the paper detach. Slowly I begin. Bit by bit, the wall paper lets go of the wall. A small 6 inch piece tears off in my hands. On the next pull a 4 foot piece of paper ends up on the floor. Tear by tear, […]

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