Social Language: Healing the Great Divide?

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Social Language:The body of words, systems, terms, symbols, gestures, phrases and tools used to communicate thought, emotion and meaning in the on line world and community.


Yesterday I posted a statement on FaceBook, “Brand is just the gut feeling others have about your business.” A few minutes later my sister who is a few years younger than me clicked thumbs up, she liked my status update A few hours later my 20 year old daughter, Rosie posted her thoughts and albeit she was three states away in her dorm room at Denver University, make no doubt…

I heard her loud and clear.”BRANDING IS STUPID!” her response roared.

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Online & In Real Life: Finding Harmony

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What’s your take on harmonizing In real life and on-line? For most of my life I have developed relationships, communicated, come to know and be known, in person and over the phone. Over the past couple years the tools available to communicate, relate, engage and connect with others have exploded. Increasingly I find myself writing […]

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Breathing? Then it’s not too late…30 second video inspiration

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It's never too late to become what you might have been. I love this quote. But the question is how to transfer this inspiration into life philosophy, reality for you and I? Change takes knowledge, instruction (new skill development) feedback and deliberate practice to rewire your frame of mind and chemistry. Belief, intention is the […]

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When it’s Winter; Business/Life 30 second video inspiration

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When It’s Winter in Your Life or Business: While Winter might be fun when you’ve got your ski’s on, standing atop Whistler or Blackcomb it’s not necessarily a season of life or business that any of us would choose. Endings occur in Winter. Relationships, jobs, businesses; dissolve and evolve. Personal losses accumulate and life is […]

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Leadership: A Social Conversation

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Leadership A Social Conversation: Pam Hoelzle, Umair Haque, Diane Wagner, Ethan Yarbrough & Adam Olsen February 15, 2010 i apologize the audio connection between the radio studio located in Bellevue WA and Umair who was in london was less than ideal. I am working to orchestrate another opportunity for an interview, perhaps we can talk […]

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Leadership Unleashed

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Unleashed: A Leadership Mindset (I'd love your input on leadership. Click here to answer a few questions AND if you participate you can share in the results) I've led teams as large as 500 serving  20-30K people a week and I've led teams as small as me, myself and I. Yes, leading me, or should […]

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Priortities and Mattergaps

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 Mattergaps  & Priorities How often do you find yourself asking what first? What now? What do I say no to? What do I say yes to? Only hours later to find yourself knee deep in urgent matters that aren't necessarily important, at all? In my life working side by side with leaders and creators I […]

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