The Prison Warden In The Mirror

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The Prison Warden In The Mirror We become what we repeatedly do. Being; results from our thoughts and our actions. If you are chained to behaviors, results, thoughts and ways of being that you’re unhappy with, that no longer represent the life you want then it’s time to face the mirror. You my darling, ( […]

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When You Don’t Feel Valued

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“After the evaluation he just handed me this and left.” I stared at the scribbled page and then back at my forty-five year old friend. “He didn’t take into consideration any of the things we’ve been doing the past 6 months, all of his comments are about his experience with my team this week.” His […]

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“There is No Try.” Yoda

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There is No ‘Try.‘ “Did you say try?” I asked. He smiled. “Right. There is no try.” “Correct.” “Yoda.” He laughed. “Words are culture. If you want to achieve this goal you need to be decisive, deliberate, intentional and conscious. Cut off other possibilities, it’s time to decide. ‘Trying’ is not committing. I’m cool either […]

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Passion; What Are You Curious About?

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What if finding your passion is as simple as following your curiosity? Passion. It’s a loaded word. What are you curious about? What can you NOT do? What interests you? What, when you do it makes you feel most like you? To excel at anything we must invest ourselves in it. Mastery is the result […]

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All Flow and No Reflection Is A; NO GO!

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All flow and no reflection is a NO GO! I’ve written about the 8 components of flow, about flow and control, and flow as a way of life in several posts. Recently, I was inspired by Dr. Daniel Siegel’s book Mindsight. In the book Dr. Siegel uses the metaphor of a river to depict the […]

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Unleash yourself from your past!

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Unleash yourself from the past: 5 minute read! The little girl danced, ran and performed. If there was an idle moment she hadn’t met it.When her daddy was upset and angry she tried harder and when her mommy didn’t say anything she talked louder. Try harder, be better. Somehow she’d make him smile and her […]

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Success on Your Terms

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Success On YOUR Terms! “Is this all there is?” The forty year old professional asked as we sat in the noisy coffee shop. I smiled. “No one told me,” he added. I shook my head. “Me neither.” “I wonder, would have I done things differently if someone had asked me, “What do you really, really […]

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Fear liberation

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Taking the fear out of fear A prospective client called and asked to meet with me. During the meeting I asked him what was motivating his desire to launch this new venture we were discussing. He answered, “I want to do what I want, when I want.” I asked if what he really wanted was […]

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Unleashed: My thoughts for Rosie and Zach

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Unleashed Here is the MP3 recording of today’s Unleashed Conversation on the Chat with Women Network. My guest was Aubrey Michael’s from Aubrey Design. View more presentations from Pam Hoelzle.

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