Covered in Compost

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Covered In Compost Compost happens. The best laid plans fail. Problems arise. Detours occur. Things change. People, businesses, relationships, organizations disapoint us. I’ve had my share of compost. It doesn’t look, smell or feel good. When life goes compost, things are dark and damp. It’s winter. Father time has issued a giant time out. Nothing […]

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Keeping It Real

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Keeping It Real “How are you?” Fine she answered as she wiped her leaky eyes dry. “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” She whispered. How many times have I been the character above? Blind to truth. Deaf to reality? Mine and others?Acting as if, “See no evil, hear no evil” is some sort of excuse for […]

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Integrated Marketing Social Tools: The conversation prism by Brian Solis

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Integrated Marketing Communication Social Tools: The Conversation Prism By Brian Solis So many tools so little time. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the conversation prism by Brian Solis? And I wonder how you are integrating the social tools in your life to provide solutions that add value? Marketers see social tools, digital online tools […]

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Get a Bike not a Plan

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Bikes: the ultimate plan I was talking with a couple of my engineering brainaic friends last night before the Seattle Social Media event at the Seattle Art Museum. Our conversation ebbed and flowed and at one point my friends explained how their companies are all tied up in their undies over planning. Yes old school […]

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Leaves or Grapes?

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Leaves or Grapes. The young man admired the vineyard foliage. “It’s so green, so thick, it’s amazing!” The vine-dresser smiled as she picked up the vine and began cutting. “What are you doing?” The old woman looked across the top of her glasses at the young man, “This wood.” she pointed. “These leaves.” She frowned. […]

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The Abilene Paradox Life: Leadership Courage

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I’m inspired by many sources, yesterday I was inspired by Ryan Meeks Pastor at Eastlake Community Church in Bothell. Perhaps it was because he was talking about my life sweet spot; helping others discover their passion and unleashing their very best, most authentic life. If you know me at all, you know I’m eternally curious […]

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Simple is better; Marketing made Simple

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Simple is Better; Marketing Made Simple I’ve been working with a couple small business clients and a classroom full of undergraduates this week and everyone appears to have the same issue. And the issue is; it’s taking 500 words to communicate their value and that is WAY TOO MANY WORDS… Complexity, confusion and over communicating […]

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Clear As Mud: Clarity

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Clear As Mud: Clarity in Life. Clarity in Business. So you’ve come to that place I find myself in every once in awhile. You know, that place where everything is as clear as mud. Murky at best. Nothing like a little mud to slow you down a bit, heh? Oh sure I’ve tried to speed […]

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Radically Sustainable: Change

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Is it Radically Sustainable? What? Everything. You mean Everything, or just my business or organization? I mean every investment you make personally and professionally… I mean radically sustainable living and being; leading. What is radically sustainable? Well first we need to look at how one sustains oneself. Let’s start with a quick review of our current […]

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