Shadows, mistakes, errors; don’t resist them!

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The young girl on the other end of the phone argued with me. “Do you have your receipt? You didn’t fill out the online form?” She asked. You would have thought she’d spent money at my place of business, not the other way around. I was calling because the product I’d purchased wasn’t working […]

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Voicethreads: Taking community and collaboration in blogging and education to the next level

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What Do You Want? Here’s a new tool Lynette Sorenson over at Northwest University shared with me yesterday. It’s called voicethreads and it’s a tool for capturing and holding a group conversation online. Click on the photo to zoom and then scroll with your mouse to move around the photo, click to move back out […]

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Originality: Original By Design

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In business and venturing I’m constantly admonishing entrepreneurs to create original, innovative high value business models, not merely creative marketing campaigns and sales tactics. The true secret of business is innovative design of solutions (products and services) to solve highly valued problems. I spend a lot of time creating and designing innovative businesses because business […]

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Who Do You Miss?

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Great leaders, partners, friends, family members and lovers let us know how much we are missed. They notice our absence. Our unique, original participation matters to them; deeply. Everyone wants to be missed. Born original and irreplaceable we hunger to be known for the gift we are. Who do you miss? Have you told them? […]

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Cooperation, Community, Collaboration: Coopercommunalation

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Coopercommunalation The process of a creating an eco-system of like minded partners to share and integrate resources, currencies and energies for solving specific community, regional, and or international problems. In my never ending pursuit of using words to think differently. I coined a new one. Word that is. Now don’t go rolling your eyes at […]

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“I didn’t mean to”

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Intent. Intention is all the rage. Set one and manifest. Affirmations. Visualizations. Clarity. Vision. The end in mind. All of these are tools of creation in life and business. I use them daily, in my own life and with clients. But lately I’ve begun to wonder if sometimes we don’t shrug off responsibility for the […]

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What are your favorite words?

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How Can I Help? What if I seek to understand more than to be understood? What if I show up in every encounter intent to help, serve and add value and meaning? What if I take my favorite words, “How can I help?” And make them a soulful mantra I commit to living by? How […]

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How are you investing your time?

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Time is a scarce resource. In my earlier years I always believed money was the scarcest of resources and the resource most worthy of my time. Reality is that you and I have several life currencies, resources from our physical and mental health to our finances, assets, experiences, relationships and time. The average 40 hour […]

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All I Really Need To FORGET I Learned In High School!

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What do you need to FORGET, that you Learned In High School? Plato said that “All creativity is first an act of destruction.” To unleash something new we have to FORGET or forgo something else. Sometimes life is as much about forgetting something or saying no to an old way of being or believing as […]

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“How Are You? No; REALLY… How Are You?”

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How Are You? Really? Last night I was at the Edmonds-Woodway commencement services. One of the student speakers, Anne Yoon shared her personal story of struggling with anorexia. During her speech she challenged her fellow classmates to press into knowing each other. She told her fellow classmates that many times she answered their question of, […]

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