Leadership Unleashed

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Unleashed: A Leadership Mindset (I'd love your input on leadership. Click here to answer a few questions AND if you participate you can share in the results) I've led teams as large as 500 serving  20-30K people a week and I've led teams as small as me, myself and I. Yes, leading me, or should […]

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Trust; The Oxygen of Relationships

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Trust: The Oxygen of Relationships; PART TWO in THE SYMPHONY OF RELATING Trust is the oxygen of relationships. In life and in business. For me, trust results when I experience integrity, authenticity and transparency. The other day I was musing over the elements of trust and posted the following question on twitter; "What is the […]

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The Art of Creating, Re-creating and Re-inventing…

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Creating, Reinventing, Re-creating; we were made for it. The urge to create, build, imagine, design. Today, January 18th at 8am PST I facilitated a social conversation titled,”The art of creating change” online at twitter and streaming on itunes and at Chat With Women with guest co-hosts Ethan Yarbrough from Allyis and Patti Dobrowolski from Get […]

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A conversation: Change, Reinvention and Creating What You Want

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The only thing that stays the same in life and business is change. The other day I received an email from a woman who needed to cancel a meeting, in the email she said, “ I will no longer be doing this, it appears I need to reinvent myself AGAIN, this is getting exhausting.” If you […]

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Make the Ask

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Making the Ask One of my current clients businesses is in an industry that has suffered devastating blowsover the past 24 months. Funny, but it seems everywhere I go entrepreneurs and leaders want’s answers…. I want to ask questions. My question is often; what is the question(s)? What are you asking? Who are you talking to? […]

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Closing The Leadership Gaps

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I attended the Town Hall event in Seattle last night featuring national best selling author Daniel Pink. Pink was in town to talk about his new book, Drive; The Surprising Truth About what Motivates Us. Pink’s cocktail party summary of his book is, ” When it comes to motivation there is a gap between what science […]

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Who Matters more even than WHERE or HOW…

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First Who… Now more than ever… WHO matters. Whether you’re an established company, a one-year old business, or a start-up; your team matters. “First who then where” Jim Collins admonishes in his national bestseller Good To Great. In his historic contrasting of good and great companies Collins discovered that great businesses have a propensity for […]

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