Time to Refresh; The only way to change is CHANGE

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Photo By Joe Shlabotnik Time To REFRESH; THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE IS CHANGE About 111 days ago I hit refresh. I decided it was time for a major change. And I told myself the only way to change was change. Oh sure I was in ‘okay’ health and shape, (which is code for heh, […]

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How’s That Working For YOU?

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Photo by Alex Proimos How’s That Working For You? “NO, DON”T” I screamed “Mom, what are you doing?” My son responded. “I thought you were pulling out in front of that truck!” “Of course, I wouldn’t do that. You really need to calm down.” I don’t know about you, but not everything I’m doing is […]

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What Might STILL Be Possible?

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Original Art of Ben Koissaba What Might Still Be Possible? What if you were peacefully working for your fellow countrymen and women’s civil rights? What if you were sent to jail, under gun fire for opposing the government’s actions? What if you loved your country, Kenya and yet knew something was very, very wrong? What […]

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Don’t Be An Ass…

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Photo: John Grant Don’t Be An Ass: The Backside of making ASSumptions I’ve been an Assumption making ASS. How about you? And just when I think I can’t possibly make a bigger ASS of myself, my little mind starts spitting out unconfirmed assumptions all over the place. As a creator, entrepreneur and facilitator to those […]

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Open Your Hands; Open Your Heart: Lessons From 100 Days of Hot Yoga In A Row

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Lessons From 100 Days of Hot Yoga In A Row On Jan 12th I started what I believed would be a 30-60 day Hot Yoga Challenge. A challenge between me, myself and I. When 30 days rolled around I shared my secret with Danielle, the cute blonde with me in the photo (manager and teacher […]

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Standing OUT in the Crowd

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photo by By Ha-Wee Standing OUT in the Crowd: Differentiation Funny, at certain seasons in life we really want to ‘belong’ and ‘fit in.’ At other times, like when you want your venture, organization or business to get noticed all you really want is to ‘stand out.’ Standing out in the crowd is an art […]

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Understanding Your Peeps…

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Why aren’t we growing? Getting donations? Getting new accounts? It’s a great question. And these days one that is being asked in almost every nook and cranny of every venture, organization and business. My answer is to usually ask more questions… Who are your clients? Who else…not just the end user of your services or […]

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Life White-Out: Grace

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photo by By Sultry Life White-Out: Grace I always thought I was going to have a third child. Of course she was going to be a girl and of course her name would be Grace. Well, I didn’t really know for sure this child would be a girl. But I knew there was a third […]

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1 Thing

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k1uOqRb0HU[/youtube] 1 Thing – are you crazy? No I’m Curly… What is YOUR 1 thing. YOUR 1 BIG thing that simply lights up your life, your day, your being. Maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s children. Maybe it’s teaching, learning, science, faith, cooking, writing, building, drawing…But it’s something you can’t help. More and more my 1 […]

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The 15-30 Breath Rule…

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So I haven’t been blogging that much. I’m birthing a new writing project and working like a crazy entrepreneur on launching a client’s company right now. I miss writing. It’s my thing. Who I am. So I’m taking some time to reflect on how to continue my passion; writing and make a living, be the […]

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