What Humpback Whales can teach us…

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IMG_1180, originally uploaded by pamhoelzle. Yesterday, off the coast of Punta Mita, Mexico in the Pacific Ocean I sat aboard a small 14 foot; 12 seat fishing dingy and watched  4 pods of Humpback whales put on a show that included over 100 breaches. The photo above is just one of the extraordinary moments I […]

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The Rise of a New Dawn

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IMG_1072, originally uploaded by pamhoelzle. It's inaguration day. It's sunrise in Sayulita Mexico. It's the dawning of a new day; the dawning of possibility. Surrounded by the roar of the ocean, the ravenous Pelicans, the silky sand , in Mexico I am reminded of how quickly paradigms shift, opportunities unveil themselves and the potential of […]

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Barack Obama – Initiator; Leader

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Barack Obama – Santa Fe Art District, originally uploaded by Seetwist. Leaders initiate. They have a grasp of reality and an inner knowing that things can be different. They are proactive not reactive. They initiate not react. They make things happen not solely respond to things. They envision what could be at the same time […]

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Leading and Parenting: Stewardship

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Anuj Prerna…managing way above!, originally uploaded by amb_tanu. Parenting is similar to leadership isn't it? They both necessitate a heart of service, a willingness to contribute,  a commitment to act as an agent of others, or another.  Leadership and parenting both call for stewardship. When we are a steward; we serve, facilitate and contribute. Stewards are in service of others. You see, I […]

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The Heart & Soul of Value

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David Sinclair Salon, originally uploaded by Robin C Mitchell.   Innovation, culture, purpose, values , mission and vision; it’s all important …more important than what your competition is doing right now… The second commandment of the Value Innovators Creed is “Thou shall not overly focus on thy competitors for fear thy might forget who thy […]

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Value Innovation: Never, ever, ever assume industry conditions are set.

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value curve, originally uploaded by zoinkydoink. We continue our discussion of value innovation by attacking the false belief that industry conditions are set in stone, something to be revered and obediently followed. NOT! Value Innovators or Grapefruit Rebels as I like to call them, believe that opportunities lie outside the normal confines of the industry conditions […]

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Grapefruit Rebels: Value Innovation

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Life of Grapefruit, originally uploaded by annajlm. Admit it your smiling. Your smiling at the audacity of this grapefruit. Your smiling at the rebellious nature of this fruit. I mean whose ever witnessed a grapefruit actively pursuing a life? Most of the time they just sit there waiting to be sliced, diced and digested. Enter grapefruit […]

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Change is a coming…

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These are my two kids: Rosalie; Rosie Chaney named for the grandmother she never met and my Mom; who left this earth six months prior to her birth and Zachary Paul; Zach. Rosie is 19 today she was born 19 New Years ago. It's hard to believe I could even conceive a child that long […]

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What questions are you asking?

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Orange Question Mark Button, originally uploaded by jhhwild. It's not the answers…it's the questions. It's not what you don't want to do …stop doing in 2009 or even what you are going to do in 2009; initially that matters here in national reflection, pause, comma; selah week.  First and foremost as 2008 draws to a conclusion and […]

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Selah, Comma; Pause

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Press Any Key To Continue, originally uploaded by Adamk0310. My friend and I (Parker) were out tonight in the sparkling little downtown of Edmonds at Shell Creek restaurant. As we talked our conversation plunged into the depths of what life is; relationships, meaning, purpose, faith, passion, love, family, calling, vocation. Halfway through our conversation my friend looked at me […]

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