Superfreakonomics Lesson #2: The Law of Unintended Consequences


CycloCross "Oh, oh" Moment, Utah State Championships, originally uploaded by DennyMont. Yes, when we are mountain biking we try not to use the right hand brake… Super Freakonomics Lesson #2: The Law of unintended consequences. The  law of unintended consequences refers to actions that result in affects and impacts that are unanticipated and or unintended. Put simply […]

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Super Freakonomics Lesson 1: As Candy is to a Kid…

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Like a Kid in a Candy Store, originally uploaded by weekbeforenext. Super Freakonomics Lesson #1: As Candy is to a Kid so is Incentive to Human Behavior On the plane home from Denver Sunday night I read Super Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. It's the followup to the national bestseller Freakonomics. […]

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Perspective Check

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Clay Dyer: Perspective Check . Tonight I am in Denver preparing my daughter Rosie for her trip to India. And I find myself thinking  about perspective. Funny isn't it, what you and I think about,what we spend our time doing; well it comes to color the glasses by which we view the world,  relationships,  ventures, goals, […]

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Collaboration: Digg & Tom’s Style

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Collaboration. I call it the new distribution strategy. Remember the 4 P's and then the 3 C's? Well in my mind community and collaboration are the new distribution. A great example is the collaborative effort between Kevin Rose founder of Digg and Blake Mycoskie at Tom's Shoes. I'm less likely to look at traditional channel options […]

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Impoverished Thinking: Bill Strickland Social Entrepreneur

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  "Poverty is essentially, the acceptance of meager possibility," say's Bill Strickland founder of Manchester Bidwell.  Strickland argues that all of us are poor in some fashion. We all suffer from some form of poverty; poverty of creativity, humility, generosity, vision, love, courage, effort, will or perhaps integrity.  Sometimes our thinking is impoverished. Sometimes the ghetto is in our own mind. Our own ideas, beliefs about […]

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Mission Strain: “TAKE COVER!!”

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SIXTYFOUR | threesixtyfive "TAKE COVER!!", originally uploaded by ortizmj12. Yesterday I spent an hour with Paul Shoemaker from Social Venture Partners Seattle and Jeris Miller from Compassion Action Network, Heart of The Matter Blog and Microsoft as  philanthropist and social entrepreneurs Aaron from G2Bventures and Gideon from Groundwire shared their thoughts on Doing Good; is Good Business. During the program […]

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Change The World Or Go Home

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  I know Gapingvoid created the blue Monster for Microsoft . But as important as Microsoft is, it's not the whole world and  Microsoft's not the only one that needs reminding that we are here to CHANGE THE WORLD… OR GO HOME.  In the movie ,The Matrix Morpheus shows Neo how the world blinds us from the truth, […]

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Love what you do; DO WHAT YOU LOVE: NOW

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@garyvee Twitter: Wine Library DO what you LOVE! If swearing bothers you – don't watch the video. If you want to be inspired; Listen. I Passion. Care. Do what you love; love what you do. This is your one incredible life. How are you investing it? Do you love what you do? Are you using […]

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Compassion: What’s your charter?

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  I love what Karen Armstrong is doing with the Charter For Compassion. And I love what Daniel Goleman has taught us all about emotional intelligence. I'm  drawn to leaders and visionaries and ventures which OOZE empathy and compassion. Why is that? Well ,maybe it's because I like the feeling. Yes; the feeling. But this is […]

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Doing Good… is Good Business

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  I can't really get away from this reality: Doing Good is Good Business. Maybe you like Doing Good is good 4 business.  Or maybe you prefer, Do Good; Well.  However we decide to say it I must confess this is my sweet spot. I have admired Blake Mycoskie from afar for awhile and followed, […]

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