From Monologue To Dialogue: Social Cues

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I am curious, as in curious George. I too would have eaten the puzzle piece thinking it was an interesting piece of chocolate or burnt almond roca. So it is my curiosity that leads me to ask; clients, peers, friends, business types, social change experts, life hackers, spiritual ones and let's be honest ;anyone that will […]

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The art of Mess Up: Fess Up & Dress Up: Empathy

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 At one time I was responsible for co-leading a team that served approx 25,000 clients a week and we had a saying, "Mess up, dress up and Fess up." As a leader I have spent a good portion of my life messing up, fessing up and dressing up. I have been learning about the power empathy and transparency have […]

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Authentic: Are you or Aren’t You?

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   "Make visible what, without you,   might perhaps never have been seen."    Robert Bresson I have spent most of my life in a hunt for what is genuine, real and authentic. My real job is nothing more than mustering up the courage on a daily basis to be who I really am, say what […]

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Have you upgraded from ROI to LROI?


I love the Mashable blog. The other day I was reading an interesting post about social media and ROI and I couldn’t help but smile. ROI seems so web 1.0 to me. As I read the article, I found myself inserting ‘LROI’ everytime the author mentioned ROI, that’s when I knew it was time to […]

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Failure or Success: You Decide


I often talk about the front side and the back side of an entrepreneur's resume/bio. The back side of your life, resume is the side most of us are least comfortable letting other people see or know. Most of us spend our life presenting the 'front side,' our best side, the successes and home runs of […]

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Show Me The PROBLEM!

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Do you love problems? Do you love to turn problems into enterprises or new businesses? If so you are a most likely a problemeur. ( yes another new word for you!)  You love problems and you know that Jerry McQuire was wrong; it isn't show me the money ( well not first anyways) it's show me the problem, […]

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So What’s your STORY?

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I love stories. Hollywood loves stories. Our brains were made for story. You see the mind recalls by connecting things. Simply; new and novel things are processed (for sake of simplicity) on what we call the 'right' side and then to understand, know the brain connects the new and novel with our memories stored on […]

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Want to find your power? Detach!

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Detach are you crazy?  What you don't want me to care? Are you Implying I shut off my emotions, ratchet down my passion, ignore my primal instincts; feelings and that which matters to me?  I'm good at what I do because I care- don't you get it???? I use to say all these things when […]

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Talking is not Relating; Get Over Yourself…( Pam)


If you don't stand for something you're likely to fall for anything."Is the line to a country song that speaks to this whole idea that is spinning around my head right now. You see I mostly write about that which I want to understand and am still curious about and learning. So this morning after my gratitude list I reminded […]

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Promotion died: Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling


Promotion Died. Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling Web 2.0, Asia, automation, a global financial crisis & consumer skeptism have fueledthe death of old school advertising and promotion.With three screens; television, computer and mobile today‚Äôs consumers areempowered publishers, editors, contributors and collaborators. Individuals are advertising. Web 2.0 enables individuals to connect, share, create, design and […]

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