Advertising Is Dead: Meet Reviewral

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    Advertising is dead.  It's been resurrected as Review and Referral: REVIEWRAL In a culture that has seen a global financial crisis as severe as any since the Depression, international terrorism, Enron, Derivatives, Madoff and a host of natural tragedies it's no surprise skepticism and distrust have taken root culturally; globally.   That makes the recent Nielsen Survey findings, the largest of […]

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Big Ideas Inspire

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Big Ideas Inspire Tribes, Movements, Communities and yes clients… I love  Seth Godin. In the marketing sense of the word I mean. I love his ability to simplify things us business types have a tendency to get in a wad over.  Some of you may be saying. She should really create her own videos; you know if […]

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Mentally Challenged Business

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 Mental challenges. I face them daily in my own entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur, business owner is a thinker, creator and visionary. Our strength; our intellectual creativity also has it's downside now doesn't it?  Being a creative entrepreneur, a visionary is a commitment to living in a place where our reach out distances our grasp.  We are in a state of […]

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Now Money Now

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  Now Money Now and Small Business Now money Now is a saying I picked up years ago.    We receive money; for solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities that add value to others. If Now Money Now is an issue here are  few questions to get the green stuff flowing. What does your current accounts receivable look like? If other people […]

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Don’t Talk: Engage Conversations

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In junior high someone named me fog horn. I know I shouldn't admit this. But its all about transparency and authenticity right? I was loud; with a capital L. I've been an athlete most of my life and most of my school years I  walked away with the Most Inspirational award, or was it loudest sport-cheerleader? […]

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Business Success: Timing and People

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On the last evening of the Reinvention Forum I invited John Song, serial entrepreneur, founder of 7 ventures and current founder ofLift9to share his story. John is an exceptionally humble man who I met a few months ago at a Bellevue tweetup. Since then I've been following him on Twitter and reading his blog.  During our first conversation and again […]

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Social Media for business: Think STRATEGY First!

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Although I've spent the last 20 years building businesses and developing leaders I am new to social media and so I've loved learning from the rich social media community in Seattle and Bellevue.  In the past 60 day's I've attended Social Media 101 on the Microsoft Campus led by Joe Kennedy from Eastside Entrepreneurs and sponsored by Comcast and Microsoft. […]

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